Update on latest clinical trial

Just a quick check in on my latest study. It is a Medtronic sensor study, testing 11 & 15 day life span, adhesive and acetaminophen.
I have to test at least 6 times a day (ouch since I haven’t been testing at all with the Dexcom G6) and one 3 different days I have a 4 hour span that I must test every 15 minutes with no food or insulin in the picture.
Not happy about all the testing because I have been very happy about not testing! But I was very aware of what they wanted me to do and it’s just for 11 days.
But what I found funny, last night I noticed the tape was pulling up! If this is a better tape, I wonder what they were using before? And with my Dexcom I can get by without using tape although sometimes I use opsite tape. But when they put the four of these sensors on, I was shocked how much tape she put on each to keep it in place.
Problem with most of these studies, you don’t see the results but I must say, I don’t think this new tape will make it. The joys of clinical trials!


Why subject yourself to all of that ? And for a Medtronic sensor system? my, my. LOL!

Hey who knows @Dave44, these studies might make the sensors better than ever!? Which why they do all these studies. Getting better is a great thing!
And before CGM’s being in a study made me a little more into my management plan. I knew a lot of people would be looking at the numbers and going through all my paperwork with a fine tooth comb, so that made me work a little harder.
But now in my “older age” I don’t sweat the small details. It is what it is but for many people having the weekly or monthly check in with the medical teams does help with their management.
And yeah this was a tough one to sign on to due to all the finger sticks. I have been so very, very happy not having to test any longer. But all for the better good of all of us.

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Sounds like fun, not :joy_cat: I test more than that with a dex though :joy_cat:

What are the chances that Medtronic will make a decent sensor though?

Who knows, but at least they are still trying! And after all those years of using their products and never seeing any real big changes whenever I would change to the newest pump, it’s nice to see things are changing and changing quickly.

The last 2 pump models I got had much of nothing to distinguish themselves from the previous models onlike the first couple of models I got which were exciting upgrades–getting them was like Christmas. I was so underwhelmed and bored by the last couple of “upgrades”. I felt cheated, actually. Wouldn’t you think a new pump would offer some cool new features? (rhetorical).

I think you have to kinda experiment with tape. I get rashes from so many, but there are some that work really well. I prefer not the paper tape, but the really, really, plastic-y, waterproof kind gives me a terrible rash. I prefer the cloth kind. It works best for me.

There are 3 different types at Walgreens.

Good for you! You are taking one for the team by doing a clinical trial. It helps people.