Update on Libre use

I have posted previously about my likes and dislikes of the Libre system.

I don’t know what changed but the last sensor and current sensor I am using is extremely accurate. I find this astounding since all the prior sensors were drastically off even when taking into consideration the variation due to interstitial fluid vs. blood.

Are they calibrating them differently? Is there something different with me?

I don’t know “why” I am getting such accurate information now when I did not with sensors used previously.

Just thought I would give an update since I had posted many times before regarding my opinion of the Libre system.

I am still using the 10 day sensors since my supplier keeps saying they don’t have the 14 day sensors yet. I think they just had a large quantity on hand and want to sell those before providing the 14 day to their customers. Could be wrong but the local pharmacy has no problem getting the 14 day in stock.


There was a discussion (I forget where) about the ten day being more accurate than the 14 day. I think that happened to me, but my HMO wont pay for the 14 day so I am not buying them anymore. I only had three to try and now back to the ten until they stop carrying them.