Update on saundra

i just received an e-mail from sandy. she has finally shaken loose her doctor’s and nurse’s and is back home. she’s tired and needs to rest a bit more but she is very happy to be back home and still amongst the living. please join with me in welcoming her back.
you did it again sandy girl. you beat the reaper. you are one strong lady. welcome home.

What great news!

So very happy to hear the good news. Thanks for updating us.

Saundra, you inspire us! You also comfort, spread smiles & help us all.

Welcome home!

Peaceful Christmas and more& more years to come my dear,God is kind.

Welcome home Saundra!

Woohoo!!! Rock on Sandy!!! Happy Holidays!!!

I’m very happy for you, welcome home!

I been praying that you would be home for Christmas. This is the best present I could get!
Just remember the advice you gave me on getting better.
God still has work for His angel here on earth .
Welcome back home!!! And Merry Christmas!!!

Saundra is an example of love and perseverance.

big hugs, Sandy! We love you very much!