Yay! Some Good News for a Change

I drove home last night for a 4 day visit. I had an endo appointment this morning. It was the first one since the world shut down. I have my first education appointment on Monday morning before I drive back to Virginia. My last A1C (in March) when I had my first appointment with the new endo and all the med changes was 11.4. My A1C had been in the 11’s for 3 years. Today it was 6.2. Progress has been made!

UPDATE: Serum A1C done by lab send out from Friday came back today. It is actually 6.0. The 6.2 was the in office quick A1C test.


Wow, that’s a wild improvement!!!


Congratulations! Well done!


Wow, great job! Nancy50


That’s a killer (or more pointedly, the exact opposite) improvement. Good for you!


Congrats @SusanS! That’s a huge accomplishment! Well done :slight_smile:


Wonderful! Well done!


Wow, that is fantastic!


Thanks everyone. This is why I got rid of my last endo and waited 9 months for a new one. I never felt the first one was doing the right job with medication management. (I had spent over 18 months asking why they weren’t putting me on insulin and never got a satisfactory answer). I had some additional blood work done yesterday and am waiting to see what it shows. It is needed for insurance to see if I qualify for an insulin pump. Since I use so much insulin daily and take 6-8 injections every day, I can see why the endo wants to explore that option. I’m just excited to see some positive results. I have not had an A1C below 11 since 2016 (I just looked). I was diagnosed with DM in 2014. The last “normal” A1C was 7/2015 at 6.1, two months before I was placed on life support for an overhelming infection. I had been in the 11s ever since.


Wow, an 11 A1c is not good for you to keep having. You definitely needed to change endos. I’m glad it is at a better level now!

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That is astonishing! So tell us how you feel physically. Are you having lots of lows? You must feel low all the time if you were so high for so long…

I have had a total of 4 lows over the past 8 or 9 weeks. Back in March, I felt hypoglycemic in the 120s, now I feel hypo in the 80s (with activity). If I am sitting down at the computer, reading or watching TV, I do not feel it until I am below 60. I am on a beta blocker which is known to mask hypo symptoms. Today I went to endo educator and placed my first CGM. Now I will get to see what it does. They set my low alert for 80.


What a dramatic improvement!! That is wonderful. I totally recommend a pump and CGM. I was diagnosed in 2016 and within 3 months had a pump and soon after that I had CGM. Type 1 is so much easier to control with a pump especially if linked to CGM. It may take some time to get your settings in the appropriate range, but a pump will allow adjustments in your basal rate depending upon your body’s responses throughout the day and night. Good luck. Keep us posted.

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Brava bravissima!

Fantastic! I bet that feels so incredible… congratulations!

My A1C had been in the 11’s for 3 years. “Today it was 6.2. Progress has been made… It is actually 6.0.”

That’s amazing! Congratulations!

That is VERY good news! Congrats and keep it going.