Just got back from a appointment with my new endo

Well have some great news

I saw my new endo 6 weeks ago and my a1c was 14 oh my not good. My endo said he was not going to throw meds at me and suggested that I look into lowering carbs and exercise. From that day I lowered carb intake per meal to 20 to 30 carbs most of the carbs coming from veggies. I also removed diet soda from my diet.

Well today I saw my endo again and my new a1c was 8.7 and I have lost 12 pounds with no exercise to speak of, I know exercise is the next hurdle I have to tackle. I had to share my positive info with my tudiabetes peeps.

everyone have a great day and remember one day at a time.

You have made great progress. The A1c really measures the last three months, so if you keep things up you should easily get your A1c under 7% next time. Keep up the good work.

Great Work! Congrats! I started excercising recently, it’s pretty impressive the progress you’ve made in 6 short weeks, I am taking encouragement from it, 4 days into my new routine, so far so good : )

Ah, the wonders of low carb - yeppers the weight will melt right off ya without trying. :slight_smile: Make sure you do get enough calories and nutrition (protein etc) though - thats the trick of low carb - so you don’t feel dragging… Great work on the A1C! I know how good it feels to get rid of a high A1C. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Chris; keep up the good work!

Wow, that is great!!! Keep up the good work.

Great work! It takes time but the changes you make will make a difference. You are seeing it now. Good Luck.

I’m proud of you and I Love hearing about People making encouraging improvements, such as yours. Thanks for sharing your experience and a Big Congrats!! :slight_smile:

Great. astonishing advice from an Endo.