US Pelvis Transabdominal blah blah blah

Two appointments tomorrow, one to see how my joints are coming along, not too good will be the answer. The other one is an ultrasound scan to see what's going on with my internal organs. So I'll find out if there's any kidney damage. At least I hope that's what they'll look at. Is this the normal test for kidney function ? Another question, this was touched apon before on the boards, I'm wondering if my years of high bgs cause the Arthritis ? I believe it is but I was raised a Catholic, so everything is my fault.

Hi Josephine!

Sweet avatar. I'm always amazed how fast they grow.

If I'm not mistaken you were dxd. with RA in Feb/2012? Sorry to
hear that. Hopefully, they have caught it early. I've had severe
RA since I was 24 y/o. So 29+ years for me now. Sorry to say, it
is NOT a Fun disease.

Poohy!! I didn't get blamed for getting RA, so you are probably in the
clear also(;o)),especially if you already have other Family members with
it,as I do. My other Family members with RA do NOT have Diabetes but they
still got RA. I'm the only one with Diabetes and RA in my family. It's
already known, that if a Person has one auto-immune disease, the Person
will most likely get at least one more auto-immune disease(RA or other),
in the future.

Blood and urine tests are the norm to check for kidney damage. You must
have had those done before you were dxd.

The u/s pelvic transabdominal is mainly used to make sure your Lady gear
is okay with no cysts, fibroids, bladder problems, cancer, etc. The u/s
P.T. can also be used to check the kidney, for example, if blood was found
in the urine.

Good luck at your appointments Josephine and DO ask for a print out of your
test results at each visit, so you can keep track of what is going on with
you,instead of your having to wonder.

Here is an RA link with others included within:

I apologize for sounding so grim Josephine. I had a particularly bad day yesterday. Today will be Better.

On a brighter note ask your Rheumy what type of RA that you have: mild, moderate or severe. You may have mild which is kinder. Also you will get on the right combination of medications for you through trial and error and this will give you
a few years here and a few years there, where you will feel good. If you suffer from Depression, therapy and an anti-depressant will be prescribed also which should help.

As they say,"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". I stand by that.

This will probably be deleted or I forgot how to put these on: :)

I think arthritis is another auto-immune disease, so I’ll bet it’s not because of high bgs. In my family we have two type 1s, two others with arthritis, two with vitiligo (white patches on the skin), several with asthma. I believe these are all auto-immune. I’ve got type 1, asthma and vitiligo. I guess I’m triply blessed. :wink:

Best of luck with your appointments today.

It's so great to see you both again, I remember you very well. Hope you are keeping well. I'm delighted today. Apparently my kidneys are fine, that was my main worry. Nothing has shown up in my blds or according to the radiologist, the ultrasound looks good. Another doc will check and send details to my GP. I was a bit worried because a nurse mentioned to me that I had mild kidney damage. The other appointment was about the RA, told just to carry on as I and keep the spirits up. I try not to take any painkillers because they are so severe on the kidneys but sometimes it's pretty hard not too. Again lovely to hear from you Terrie and of course you Bernard.

Yay!! I can see why you are delighted. :) That's the Best news. I'm surprised that the Nurse would say that. I would have been worried too. Well, you showed her. Big relief that your other test results came back good also.

"Keep the spirits up". Not easy but try your best. I do hope that you are taking a DMARD and an NSAID. Pain-killers, I needed. That's how I managed to stay somewhat sane while trying to raise my Family plus the medications kept me as an invisible RA Patient since I had no deformities which I enjoyed. But shortly after my younger Brother died 7 yrs. ago, I suffered an emotional breakdown and all my drugs stopped working. That's when I started with the deformed fingers, hands and the bones in the bottom of my feet. For years now, I'm on steroids, and the other last resort meds that don't work very good for me. Oh well, still waiting for that cure. :+P

So Girl, please take your meds your Rheumy prescribes. They'll keep you out of an early wheelchair. The common side effects usually aren't too bad and the urgent side effects rarely occur. I've been on so many drugs, I've lost count, with no serious side effects so far(Thank God & Touch wood). I can't be that lucky. Great talking to you again Josephine. :o) Enjoy your Family.