Useful diabetes book


How many of you have read Know Your Numbers, Outlive Your Diabetes?
(Pointer to Amazon is ‘mine’, buy it and I’ll donate the money Amazon gives me to my diabetes bike ride.)

The book is written by Richard Jackson of Joslin and Amy Tenderich of I met Dr. Jackson about 13 years ago when my fiancee and I completed the 3-day Joslin DO IT program. And hopefully you’ve seen Amy’s web site. These guys know their diabetes!

I read the book shortly after it first came out, and it really helped me to prioritize what needed fixing to get my diabetes under better control. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t read the book and instantly change. But reading it helped me understand how to focus on one aspect of my diabetes and fix that one first.

They describe 5 health factors that you need to control to tame diabetes:

  1. A1C
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Lipids
  4. Microalbumin
  5. Eye Exam
And they give you suggestion for improving each of these. Plus it's an upbeat book, very positive and very readable. It's about $10 on Amazon, not much to help you turn your diabetes around.


I agree. It’s an excellent book.

Here is a review I wrote about it back in March, when I was a lonely soul here in TuDiabetes!! :slight_smile:

BTW: you may have not noticed it (she hasn’t been around much lately), but Amy Tenderich is also a TuDiabetes member. She can be found at:


Amy’s on vacation in Europe. I’ll bet that’s why she’s missing.


Thanks a bunch for the shout-out guys! I’m in Europe till mid-July.