Using Dexcom Seven+ sensors with G4

Anyone had any luck yet with using a Seven+ sensor with a G4 transmitter? I have found that I can modify the 7+ sensor plastic relatively easily to fit the G4 sensor tabs into their appropriate location, but have not tried running the G4 transmitter from the old platform yet. Any tips from do-it-yourselfers? I've been upset since my sensor provider sold me two boxes of sensors just before my 7+ died and they would not accept them back when I purchased a new G4. If I could be compensated for the loss, it wouldn't be so bad, but these things are expensive!!! Thanks for any help! Bob

I'm interested to know as well.... staying tuned!

I think everyone will be interested to find out whether you can get it to work. I was left with only two 7+ sensors, so I don’t feel too bad about not using them.

I also switched pumps at the end of the year. I am able to use my Silhouette infusion sets with my Ping pump as long as I use the tubing that came with an Animas set. I was able to trade my reservoirs through Edgepark to get the Animas reservoirs. I suppose the difference between trading these versus the Dex sensors is that the 7+ is on old system that is no longer being sold although I’m sure the are some people still buying 7+ sensors.

I'd be interested to know how this works out since I have 4 boxes of the old dex sensors in the closet...

I have 8 left so this would be helpful. Mine shipped 12-29! Comes tmo!

Have you tried asking Dexcom to swap out the unused Seven sensors for the G4 sensors ?.

I too had unused Seven+ sensors but donated them to my Endocrinologist's office. I'd rather see them put to good use instead of expiring in the closet.

I'm sad to say that I was unable to get the modified 7+ sensor to work with the G4 transmitter. Although the fit appears to be solid, the receiver spits out a "sensor failed" message before I am able to enter 2 start-up bgls. I tried a second time, but got the same result. I wonder whether adding a bgl before the sensor failed message might alter the results? Anyone else out there had any luck with this? I had a curious result with a new G4 sensor: I had a start-up period shortened by adding a result early without any apparent loss of accuracy. Seems like a sleazy way for a business to operate-to make old sensors unusable when they could easily have been accommodated thereby preventing waste for all of us.