Using the abdomen as the insulin injection site

Hi! My name is Sandy Blue and am a type 2 diabetic. Can anyone tell me if the stomach changes shape when the abdomen is used as the site for insulin injections?

I am no expert - but I have never heard of this one, and I inject in the belly all of the time and no shape changes here. You do have to avoid injecting in the same sites frequently - rotate sites - or you can get lipodystrophy - or scar tissue and get bumps.

Yeah, you can get lumps of scar tissue if you don’t rotate sites. I’m a lean guy and, over the years, I picked up a couple of lumps of scar tissue that are noticeable to me because I look at my abdomen quite a bit for injections. When I ask other people if they are noticeable, most say no unless they sit there and stare…

Forgive me, but your response made me laugh. I can just imagine myself sitting there looking at my stomach… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

Although my weight has stayed the same, within a few pounds, it seems my stomach has taken on a life of its own. Thanks so much for your response.

I have been injecting for over 32 years in my stomach several times a day I am also lean and i do have some scar tissue.
I also look at my stomach all the time…

It seems that my injection sites tend to thicken even though I’m trying to rotate them. Perhaps you should number and date them in indelible ink. (lol)

The only change I’ve noticed is that I have this huge and ugly spare tire around my abdomen ever since I began injecting insulin…but that could just be due to the insulin itself and not due to the site. I’ve trying to get rid of the fat by running/biking/aerobics but I keep failing miserably and the spare tire keeps getting bigger and bigger! :frowning:

We made injection site rotating easy. On my son’s blood glucose log book, I write stuff next to the days. Next to Monday I write RL for right leg. Tuesday is LL for left leg. Wed is RB for right butt. Thurs. is LB. Fri is RA for right arm. Sat. is LA. Sunday is belly. He gets 3 shots a day so we make a triangle pattern at each location for the day. I hope this makes sense and helps you.

You’d be amazed at the Human behavior Diabetes can evoke.

Yes, that is exactly what I mean! I have since switched to using my legs and am waiting to see what happens. I can just see myself puffing up like the little Michelin Tire guy! Next thing you know I’ll be a balloon for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York!

Laughing is better than crying!

Thanks so much for your response.

Wayyyyyy better. =)

I am relatively lean, and I developed noticeable fat blobs on my lower abdomen, where first I injected and now I have my pump insertion sites. Interestingly, many years ago when I first started pumping, I ran into John Walsh (author of “Pumping Insulin”) at an International Diabetic Athletes Association conference (now DESA). John was the one who told me I was going to get fat blobs from the pump. My pump trainer sure didn’t tell me that! Thankfully, mine stopped growing.

Thanks jsks; what you’re doing seems to make sense; interesting and useful info producedfrom your querry; well done Sandy.

You are welcome! The way we do it, you have no chance of hitting the same spot until a week later. So glad to help. :slight_smile:

Mine did as I inject insulin I get fatter and since it mostly goes onto the existing tummy grease thing protrude more.

Me too! I have been on insulin for 41 years and injecting there pretty much of the time...I feel like I have an extra friend I'm toting around...also, once when I had an abdominal ultrasound they remarked that there was scar tissue most likely from insulin injections. So that was from the inside! Pretty weird. The weight is tough, tough tough to lose.