Flu & H1N1 vaccines

I know this can be a touchy subject, but I stress so much about whether or not to get my son the flu and now the H1N1 vaccines. I have several friends who feel very strongly about NOT getting the vaccines and after listening to all of their information I just don’t feel comfortable with it. I know I should be getting my info from the docs, but sometimes I feel like they don’t give you all the sides of it and just push to have it given. Rory got a flu vaccine last year, but did end up getting sick anyway. Now this year I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of another vaccine that has had limited testing.

My oldest daughter’s school sponsered an H1N1 vaccine clinic, but they went with the nasal spray which none of my kids are eliglible for anway. My one close friend protested to the principal about it being held on school campus and she informed him that the insert states the children could potentially be contagious for up to 3 weeks. Since she and others do not vaccinate their children, she stated he should plan to excuse their abcenses for that time. Needless to say it was moved off campus.

I obviously want my children to be healthy, but I just get so nervous about vaccines now.

Either way, good for you for standing up for what you believe in. We don’t do flu shots either, but other than diabetes…my kids have always been healthy.

I am very uncomfortable with what I have heard about the H1N1 vaccine and plan to discuss this issue with David’s endocrinologist during his regular visit next week.

There are steps that you can take to help protect your children and yourself, having made a decision not to vaccinate, beyond regular handwashing. I am told that regular gargling with salt water and the cleaning of nasal passages with a Q-tip dampened in salt water will help prevent bacteria growth.

David had a bad reaction to a booster that he had before he started grade nine, a repeat of one of the usual childhood vaccines. The doctor’s response was that he is just one of those kids, in so many, to have a reaction. Not much help to us as we wonder if he’ll be one of those kids again, in so many, have an adverse reaction to something else.


HI, Natalie,
I understand your concern on this, I have felt the same for my girls. I had them both get the seasonal flu shot, but am not sure on the H1N1 shot. They both probably had it this past May, so I’m hoping they will be spared this time around. I plan to speak to Elisabeth’s pediatrician at our next meeting as to whether she should have the H1N1 shot.

I hope you all have a healthy winter!

I did get my daughter the seasonal flu vaccine, but did not do H1N1. Both her pediatrician and her endo suggested she should get both. I am still on the fence and like you worry about the newness of the vaccine. Both doctors said it was safe and made just as they make the seasonal flu vaccine. My daughter ended up in the ER last year after a nasty gastro flu so I really would hate to not have her protected from side effects of H1N1, but I worry about complications from the vaccine. I would like more information after the first few rounds of kids have been vaccinated and see if there are bad side effects reported. If not, I may go ahead and get it, but shot only, not the live vaccine in the nasal spray. You can also request thimerasol free vaccines if they are available. I’m sure whatever you decide will be fine; go with what you are comfortable with and consider what your doctor recommends.

Both My son’s pedi and his Endo requested that Jude get the H1N1 vaccine. He has already had the “regular” flu vaccine, with no side effects but my problem is that Jude is only 18 months old. From what I understand, the vaccine should not be given to anyone under the age of two because it is a live virus. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. This is the primary hold up in my decision. I think I will hold off until next year or at least until the first round of this vaccine is given to others. Maybe I just have an “I am Legend” complex about everyone turning into zombies after getting a new vaccine and I don’t peg my baby as being a flesh eater. LOL!

My 11 year old son is recovering from H1N1 now. It is horrible. He had a low grade fever for over a week, vomiting, chills, aches and he is coughing (more like barking) for over a week. Not to mention his blood sugar going from high to low from vomiting. It has been awful for him. He is on his last tamiflu I’m not sure whether it helped or not and he is using a nebulizer. That’s the reality. I was terrified - the first night, he was so pale and lethargic.

As soon as the vaccine is available in our area I am going to get - it along with my other kids and my husband. I would not wish this flu on anyone.

Whatever decision you all make for your families do it with the credible information from the CDC, your pediatrician and endo .

I’ve always been nervous about these vaccines. There’s too much back and forth talk. As soon as you think they’re safe, someone else tells you they’re terrible. Then they’re safe. I can read all I want, but I don’t feel I’m getting a true picture. My son was just diagnosed with diabetes this summer. I told his endo that I never do flu shots and wanted to know where she stood. She said, “The whole families got to.” That’s it. That’s the only opinion I can truly trust at this point. My younger son and I got the H1N1 today. My son with diabetes will get it as soon as they have the shot kind. They both already got their seasonal flu shots about a month ago.

Katie S., it is so weird that you mention “I Am Legend” we just watched that last week on HBO or somewhere, and I was totally freaked out and had crazy dreams that night LOL. It seems like they are showing all these “virus” themed movies right now. About the vaccine though, from what I understand only the nasal spray is a “live” virus that should not be given to children under two, or individuals with diabetes or asthma, which is basically my kids exactly (Ava is under 2, Rory with diabetes, and Alana with asthma) The injection however, the “deadened” virus is supposed to be safe for everyone.

Julie, I am so sorry to hear your son is experiencing H1N1. I know of some in the area who have been through it and I understand it is a very nasty virus with most developing pneumonia. Rory does have an endo appointment coming up next month and I would like to discuss it more with his endo. doc. She is more of a holistic type Dr. and I feel she would help me look at the info on both sides in a more open way. His pediatrician just pushes for it and his endo nurse is…just hard to talk to sometimes ( a little annoying at times)

I just wish this wasn’t just one more thing to have to stress about with our children. I hate feeling like I am harming them either way. So far no one in the family has gotten any vaccines to this point this year, I held off on Ava getting it at her 15 month appt. And to me I feel like we are doing so much better than we were last year at this point. I know the season is still young and if anyone brings anything home it will most likely be Alana from school. I just hate the thought that they have a clinic with the type of vaccine that isn’t appropriate for everyone and than have those “potentially contagious” kids going back to school. I haven’t really heard about the injectable vaccine being available yet in our area.

Still haven’t made up my mind.

Kaits pediatrician and endo both recommended the following vaccines: Flu, H1N1, and Pneumonia. So far, Kait’s had Flu and Pneumonia vaccines. We are waiting for the H1N1 shot to become available and then she will definately get that one as well. My other two kids got the flu shot and the H1N1 nasal spray. I was told by the pediatrician that although Kaits not a candidate for the nasal spray (given to the other kids) it would not create an issue with Kait and her diabetes. My nephew just had the H1N1…really bad…kids at Kaits school and cheerleading squad are also coming down with it. Whenever, Kait gets sick to the point she’s vomitting, she ends up in ICU with DKA. I won’t risk it!

I personally don’t believe that there is any real danger from the vaccinations. Having talked to many people both in health care and not and on both sides of the issue.

My view is that I should do anything I can do to lessen the chance of Abbie (7, dx last year) getting the flu. Our diabetes clinic takes the view that H1N1 isn’t any more dangerous for diabetic children than for non-d children-- as long as there are no other complicating conditions. But the thought of managing her BG and ketones for ten days of high fever and vomiting? We went today and had the shot. I hope it works.

I respect those people who choose not to vaccinate (both flu and others) but really feel that they have chosen to take that risk and they shouldn’t complain about any exposure that they’re kids get in the process.

Sorry you had such a rough time with it. We too just got over it. Willow had low ketones when she was low - but when high bg she had no ketones, we really had very little side effects from the H1N1 flu. It was not fun - she basically slept for 3 days. No vommitting, mostly fever and a slight cough - we were confirmied h1n1 with a 60 second nose swab. She did get tamiflu and it did seem to help - but we did get it within the first 48 hours of symptoms.

I was only posting this so that other posters can see that this virus really does affect people differently and you really have no idea how it is going to affect you or your child. I have heard from friends how differently each of them and/or thier children have had it. I can totally understand why people want to vax for it. We do not vax for flu so I am not going to do h1n1 either. I am hoping that her mild case of it will have helped her immunity to it again later in the season.

You have to make that decision yourself. Riley and I got the H1N1 shot almost a month ago with no ill side effects. My 18 year old got the nasal spray about a week ago and has done fine with it. It’s a personal decision.

I had the vaccine myself (nasal - live attenuated, not killed) and took no ill effects. My husband had the same, got nauseous and threw up, but was fine not long after. All the children, however, came down with swine flu three days before their pediatrician got the injection, so we didn’t end up getting them vaccinated. I’d intended to. Now it’s a moot point. But you know, my worry about what the flu could do to Eric turned out to be overrated–he never went above 101.5 and while his blood sugars took a nose dive, we were ready for it (fortunately his brother got sick first so we were expecting Eric to get sick and adjusted his basal rate downward to prepare for it).

I have an almost 3 yrs old (who has type one since 13 mos), I gave her the H1N1 vaccine 4 weeks ago.
The endo recommended I give her the vaccine. It’s a dead virus. She told me the only vaccines I should never give my child are live vaccines that come in spray…
She did not have any side effects, nor did my son who received the same vaccine on the same day.
I’m planning to give her the flu shot in 2 weeks. I gave her the flu shot every year and she has never had any side effects.
I trust 100% her endo so I follow her advise.

Katie, my son’s endo also recommended giving Santi the the H1N1.
It’s not avail here in FLA yet, so we have sometime to decide.
I think Doctors know best & all seem to agree on its advantages.
What do you think?