Vaccine for T1?

Forgive me if this has already been posted here, but just in case…

I have read this somewhere else recently. What a boon it would be if found that it works for the majority of T1s.

What do yall think about this? Do you think it could really be a cure?

This has been around for about 5 years, the problem is lack of funding. Hopefully her announcement at the conference on Friday spurs more help.

Yes, the science is there. If she finds the right dosage, taking a shot once a month for the rest of your life sounds good to me :slight_smile:

To be honest when I hear stuff like this it makes me angry. If a vaccine is already developed and it has shown a scientific difference then why in the heck does this not get funding. My daughter has only been diagnosed since May 2010 and I already feel BIG money keeps the cure in the lab. Heck I have a microbiology background; I’ll come work in the lab for free.

The nice part about this it is a generic drug, but that is also the sad part because no pharma company will help fund the research!

Hey, that maybe a good opportunity there. There are many generic drugs that are in short supply and this maybe be one us D can benefit from. There is also a generic that shows great potential for cancer, but since it is a generic there are issues with getting funding for the research and development.

Dr. Faustman’s research is promising. Glad to see her work is getting coverage. Several current & past discussions about her research. I donate money to her research & several Tu members have donated blood for her studies.