Valentines day

Does anyone have any unique, cool, unusual, fun, or totally awesome traditions for valentines day ? I will just be coming back from a trup but the wife gets a little upset if I don’t celebrate it. So im looking for some insight. I cant get wait to get your input.

rick phillips

Aaaaw… I think the wifey is a romantic! My husband and I are the traditional romantics still celebrating Valentines day… usually starts with shopping for a simple but unique gift for each other (mostly something that we individually collect ). Which is kinda difficult to keep a secret since we are always together. Breakfast is on me…usually I prepare a special dish (quiche, souffles, or baked goods). Dinner is on him…we usually have it in a place that we have not gone yet before… So every year we try to search and discover a new place. The only tradition we have…is we take a picture of us together in the place we have dinner. So, we are 7 (going 8) years married now…so we have 7 photos of each other during Valentines day. The only thing unique this year, Valentines’ day coincides with Chinese new year which my country also celebrates. So people will be wishing each other Happy Valentines and Kung hei fat Choi! (Happy New Year) simultaneously.

I don’t know she might be romantic?? Of course, after 32 years of marriage, I should know. Hey your suggestions are great. But, I cannot reclaim all those valentines when i looked like Elvis.



“Aw Rick, Thank You so much but save your money. I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day this year.” I got a call from your Wife. :smiley:

hahahahahahahahaha, did she say anything about the ice tea pitcher not being full when she got home? She certainly had some thoughts for me on that matter. LOL


LOL! She said that it didn’t suprise her one damn bit. :smiley:

Rickster - with the right music, you will need nothing more. (Diane Krall and Elvis Costello are married to each other!) And poor Willie looks like he’s been run over by a bus - more than once…

Yeah, I think I may have picked up on that. Something about never and all the time, and won’t. I think that got through there somewhere.


Darn, Willie looks like a ghost with a guitar. Did you hear about him canceling a concert a couple of days ago in NC? Something about his tour bus and some items that may have not been exactly legal? Oh well poor Willie.

Hey I had no idea Elvis Costello and Diane Krall are married up? Wow, I really like Elvis Costello. I suppose i may have to like Diana Krall now.


Hee-Hee! You’re totally tuned in there Rick. :smiley: I’ll tell you what my Hubby pulled today, later.

You looked like Elvis??!! =0 Complete with the sideburns??? LOL
Then we must be having fried peanut butter and banana sandwich then for dinner =)

Oh, I was thinking that his hair got caught in the bus tire. :[ Geez, he’s got Nice shiny, wavy hair for an elderly Guy.

Well, I tried to look like Elvis. I had sideburn mutton chops when we got married and I got married in an entirely white tuxedo, like John Lennon. No it was not a good combination. I look at those pictures and have to say what was I thinking? The 70’s were not my best looking decade. LOL That may be one of the reasons we have remained married for 32 years. I mean if you look at what I looked like, left to my own devices, It was fortunately I found anyone at all.


You all just crack me up! Rick…Flowers, dinner, good music, a bit of alcohol (?) and well…just let the charm pour out of ya! She will melt.

Well, actually, his hair does look nice a shiny and wavy. I guess I wouldn’t mind running my fingers through it if the opportunity presented itself…

Oh Kathy, I wasn’t suggesting …LOL!

Although, his hair looks Better than mine. I’m green with envy. I wonder what he uses. Darned stars!! :smiley:

Oh and by the way My sandwich of choice was Peanut-butter mayonnaise and onion. Ohhh sign me up for a couple of those puppies. Elvis went the banana route, but he missed out when he dropped the onion. Yumm yumm.


PS: Miracle whip is a good choice as well. Honey hold the knife, I got me a big yellow and a jar of Peter Pan.,