A Landmark Day

Today is my 100th day as a LADA!

I think that calls for a celebration, don’t you?

What should we do to mark the occasion?

Jan :wink:

10:30 AM–I just took a chance on my overnight BGs–a small snack and a glass of Chardonnay in celebration. Occasion marked!

Thanks, Trudy! I don’t drink so I’m glad you could toast for me. :slight_smile:

(Love your beautiful avatar, by the way.)

Thanks for mentioning my avatar–Lacey, our Blue Merle Collie, was the most beautiful dog we’ve ever had. I just enjoy seeing her photos. My current Golden Retrievers are nice, too! Your avatar is also very attractive. So today would be day 101 of your LADA…

Yes, today’s my palindromic anniversary! Ha ha

Used to know some good palindromes–forget 'em all! So anyway, celebrate 101. Deviled eggs for the season?

Deviled eggs? Oh, you mean for Easter? Don’t celebrate it. I grew up Jewish, and Passover just passed. :slight_smile:

But I’m feeling really low today anyway. Both energy and mood. I can’t wait until diabetes becomes less of a focus in my life, and my rituals become more routine…

Eggs for spring, for bunnies, for robins, for chickies, whatever! I finally remembered a palindrome: sit on a pan otis. It’s been a low day for me also. My husband woke me up half an hour ago, made me test, it was 38, stuffed a DanActiv and mini York pattie in my hand, and now at 61 I’m a little less low… I’m approaching 18 years since dx (Nov. 1993), and rituals are in fact routine. My husband knows to wake me up and stuff food in my hand–a good routine!