Best Infusion Sets

I would like to hear which infusion sets people have found to work the best for them. I’m using a Comfort Silhouette Short, and I’ve had a lot of problems with the cannula splitting right above where it enters my skin (as well as with infection). Has anyone else experienced this?

I use Comfort (produced by unomedical). I insert by hand at a 30-45 degree angle. I have always used this and like it. I guess it might be the same as yours just not short. Never had a problems with cannula splittng.

Supposedly if you call the infusion set companies and tell them that you want to change infusion sets, they will send you free samples! You should try this, so that you can figure out what is best for you!

Hi Laura,
I’m sorry you’re having problems with your infusion sets. I started out with the oringinal Inset (90 degree insertion) by Unomedical and used it for 1 1/2 years with no problems mostly on my stomach and waist and liked it alot. But I couldn’t use it in other areas where I have very little fat. I recently tried the new Inset 30 by Unomedical (30 degree insertion) and I love it! I can use it in lots of places that the 90 degree set felt uncomfortable. They both come with a self contained spring loaded inserter that I love. So, now I order half of the regular Insets and half of the Inset 30’s. They are sold through Animas. I haven’t had any issues with the quality of the product or with infections like you mentioned.

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We use Quick set with a soft cannula. Never had any problems with it, only good things to say about it. Earlier we used Sof-set Micro QR…but i just fell off, it was really bad, couldnt bath with it, it irritated the skin etc…
We use a quick serter to put it in to place