noticed alot of people saying an opinion in a forum and then getting into an ‘argument’ because others haven’t agreed with the point if view. so here we can just let it aaaalllll oouuttt with go arguments, just say whatever you want about anything :slight_smile:

-today I realized while in the bakery that while I look at all the different yummy cakes I’m counting the carbs without even noticing! diabetes bloody sucks when you don’t choose food on taste anymore
-today I remembered an article I read about 5 years ago saying they would have a cure for diabetes by 2009? chip chop scientists you have 60ish days to go! I hate being let down with all these predictions they make
and also what’s annoying me is that tudiabetes has once again caused me to stay up til 12 even though I have the most important exams of my schooling life this week. damn you t.d!

your turn, shoot!

another annoyance, predictive text! sorry for the spelling mistakes! the correct word normally rhymes with the typo ha

Well, in the spirit of venting and rants, I wrote a blog post recently that summed up my views on diabetes. If you’re offended by swearing, don’t read this blog. Otherwise, enjoy!

Shannon, that’s awesome. I totally feel you on the loofah issue, the baby issue and the vacation issue.

That was the most liberating post to write. EVER! I just hope my mom never sees it :wink:

13 years ago, I was told a cure was in 5 years, then it was another 5 years, oh then by the time I was 40. Well, I’m 41 now. Still waiting. I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath

Wow, you summed up my feelings very quickly, except for the last one. I did have 3 babies, but those were the most difficult months of my life, preparing for and being pregnant with this f’ing disease. The newborn stage was easier.

Good luck on that part.

I’m glad that you didn’t hold your breath either!!!

Sometimes it is nice to just crab about the unfairnes of it all so that you can dust off and keep going. :slight_smile: Today I resent those who take their healthy pancreas for granted! :slight_smile: hahaha…

I’m sure she would understand!

Yes, but I remember hearing the same thing as soon as DNA was discovered, and that was in the '60’s. Every so often we hear it again, but I won;t pay attention until they announce they’ve DONE it!

53 years of this stuff (Type 1 diabetes, that is) is more than enough for anyone.

Shannon I am sitting here crying after reading your blog. You say a lot of things I just want to shout out once in a while but never never never ever do because I do not want people to feel sorry for me or see me as sick or disabled. I want to blend in, be “normal” like everybody else. Seriously I even never told my husband how I feel about that whole diabetes crap! I need to function everyday as a Mom of 3 and wife and in my 2 jobs, there is no room for whining.
But your post hit me right in the face…thanks for giving me 2 minutes of weakness crying my eyes out and speaking my mind.

I hope it was a “good” cry. You know, when you cry and end up feeling so much better afterwards.

I think we all try to put on a good show when it comes to diabetes. We make it look easy, and others don’t realize how truly difficult it is. I agree - I don’t want pity or to be viewed as sick, but I do want understanding sometimes. I want people to recognize that even though I live a “normal” life, I have to think about diabetes 24 hours per day. It’s simply the card I was dealt.

You should vent often! Sometimes, writing it down (even if it’s just a journal for your eyes only) is all you need. It makes it just a little more livable.

My family and close friends know how much I have to do to stay on top of this disease. But because I am active, attractive, and energetic, most people that know me do not realize how hard it is. We do make it look easy. I was told two days ago at an after work dinner/celebration, by a well-meaning colleague, “I didn’t know you had the ‘bad kind’ of diabtes, where you have to take insulin instead of pills… You look so healthy… you are not fat and not tired all the time.”

I explained that both types of diabetes, both Type 1 and type 2, are difficult to manage. Then of course, as it usually happens, she and others at the table went into the horror stories of dialysis, limb amputations, blindness, stroke, heart attacks that they had seen in other diabetics and how I am to be commended for not having that to happen to me after 41 years…

I said and always say. “Thanks for your concern”…But they really do not know how hard it is…
I sometimes vent, then meditate/pray, and maybe go for an extra bit of outside activity, a stroll or a quick walk through the mall if the weather does not allow outside escapism… All the while knowing that my CGMS will scream at me when it is time to calibrate, no matter where I am…but that’s all good… Blessed to have the gadgetry and knowledge to keep my blood glucose levels stable.

God Bless,