Venting it is ! :@

:frowning: Yesterday I went to a new endo and I showed her my nifty graph and stats from she looked at me and sternly said " Rizwana you have way too many low’s…we don’t want your BS to fall so low that it might harm you" OKAY WTF!! HONESTLY WTF! I don’t get it…i get yelled at for having my BS so high and now I am getting yelled at by having my BS low…they weren’t even that low …I JUST DON’T GET IT!! I was sooooooo pissed off today that stuffed my face with ice cream :frowning: and now I have a huge headache and I am cursing myself over and over!!! why oh why! “The” Endo told me that after I eat my blood sugar needs to go up a certain number but those numbers must fall back down. I know I never really carb counted properly I just carb guessed this whole time but MAN my blood sugar was sooo good and now MY DOC put be on a 1:4 ration 1 unit of rapid for 4 carbs and guess what??? IT’s not working…I was cruising with high’s all day. …its like this: YOu try and try and try some more, but in the end one “high” can set you back 20 steps. Goodness, I have gained so much weight this past month that my pants won’t dare to even go up my thighs!!!

Please don’t get me wrong I am the most happy-go-lucky person who is optimistic about everything …I AM THE GURU Of giving advice and positive outlook but GOODNESS I JUST WANT MY A1C to come down.!! I mean I don’t want to be “high” any longer…

My finger pads feel like i sqeezed a porcupine ( Might as well eh?) …

.RIGHT! Let’s smile and pretend that everything is okay and start again ONCE AGAIN!!! :slight_smile: I can do it Ima trooper! Yup that’s me!

Anyone else wanting to vent this beautiful day?

I have been were you are right now I know how you feel. There are so many times I wanted to get up in my doctors face and tell them I am doing the best I can, I can not do any better without better doctors. I am so tired of hearing your body should not react that way, that I could scream. I have learned more off of this website in the few short months that I have been on here than I have since being diagnosed. I am so glad I found this website and all of the wonderful people on this website.

What are “too many lows”?

OK this is a good one. I took my mother (81 and type 2) to the hospital for her angiogram. When they were done, they decided to keep her overnight. She ate everything they gave her. When I came in to pick her up, I had to ask what medications were given to her. I was told that they gave her 8 units of regular insulin. I wanted to kill!

She takes a pill and usually has an A1C of 6. I personally would kill for that number. Her sugars were high because of what she’s going through. The nurses told me that the surgeon ordered the insulin because she had a sugar of 240.

I got mad. Why do surgeons for one, have to make that decision and two, why do they give us insulin based on the manufacturer’s suggestion? When will they realize that they should take it easy with insulin? By the time I got my mother home, I asked her to test. It was 40!

I knew it! They didn’t even forewarn me to watch for something like this. Luckily, just this one time I was thankful I have diabetes and knew what to look for.

This also happened to me when I was scheduled for by-pass surgery. My surgeon pre determined my insulin intake prior to surgery. I followed his advice. I get to the hospital and am prepped to go to the operating room. The nurse checks my sugar and wow 320. Hello, the surgeon told me what to do, How was I to know where he wanted my sugars at for surgery?

I was scared when the first shot was given. I asked how much am I getting? 8 units regular. Uh-oh! They surgeon was not satisfied at my sugar fifteen minutes later, so he ordered another 8 units. It was too late they gave it to me.

The anesthesiologist came in to talk to me and I told him I never take that much insulin and my sugars never ran that high. Thank God for this man. He canceled the surgery and the surgeon came in to yell at me. He yelled "Surgery is canceled and it’s your fault!

The anesthesiologist came in to apologize for canceling. He was afraid they could lose me on the table. I told him that he saved my life and that i was thankful.

I left that hospital and I tested when I got to my husband’s truck. It was 54! I was panicked. It would peak and drop for up to six hours. What an experience. By the way, I am super sensitive to insulin.

Hello Rizwana. I gained weight when I started taking NPH and Humalog in the 1990’s. I dieted and exercised but I still gained weight, but at a slower pace. I eventually gained 57 pounds. I have been Type 1 for 62 years and I had not been more than 5 pounds overweight before using NPH and Humalog. I bought a treadmill and started strengthening my leg muscles. I could do a mile in 20 minutes with an incline of 7.0. I cut my daily carb intake to 150 carbs. I kept this up and one year later I had lost 26 pounds. I leveled off and did not gain any more weight. I still need to lose 31 pounds but feel good. My routine keeps my A1c below 6.0. I started pumping insulin on 6/19/07. I have fewer highs and lows than ever before. The pump is great for control and keeping the highs and lows to a minimum. I have a friend on this site who eats only 75 carbs per day. He has lost much more weight than I have. He pumps too and has excellent control. Good luck to you!


This depends on your doctor. If I have more than 1 low in between visits I am doing something wrong. There for a while I was having a low almost daily and then having an extreme high. It took me asking the doctor if we could try me taking part of my long acting insulin in the am and part of it in the evening before something was done.

I have lows and highs every day sometimes quite a few. How can you not unless you eat the same thing day in and day out and never move.

Karen, I think the lows stay pretty well for me because I have a shot of Lantus in the morning as well as in the evening. I also shoot Humalog after eating, three times per day. and correct at night if I am still too high. Most of the time I can manage to stay right around 100 and less all day long. This was not one of those days. I had not felt like much for breakfast and only had a cup of sugar free, low fat yogurt with active cultures. Then mid morning had a cup of decaf coffee with a teaspoon of sugar free creamer and a packet of Splenda. When I checked before making me some lunch, my blood sugar was 197. How could I have come from a fastng BG of 97 to 197 on the little bit I took in? I don’t eat the same things all the time. but vary it all the time. i just usuallly know how much to change a portion size so it won’t put me too high. today was an exception. I think that all of us have those highs and lows and most of them cannot be explained away.

Judith, I LOVE that statement about needing “a different book for every single person who has it.” That is great, and soooo true! Thanks!


I am so glad my doctor doesn’t react that way cause sometimes I will have as many as 3-4 lows per day every day of the week. At least he understands insulin is a hormone and your body might react differently to the same thing on a different day.

My endo states lows are an outcome of tight control, but they still suck.

I do know what you mean. My manager had a go at me for having too many lows. I don’t think any of these people understand, and I am including the doctors in this, as they are general medicine. not diabetic specialists.

What is “too many lows”? What does your endo consider low?
Also, are you drawing blood from the sides of your finger tips? I never puncture the finger pads. Try the sides of the finger.