8 years & venting for the first time!

As i sit here i just realized it was 8 years ago yesterday that Nicholas was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. How does a healthy 3 year old with no family history end up with something that will possibly stay with him for the rest of his life? I say possibly because I hope that there is a cure around in his lifetime.

I absolutely hate when someone finds out about Nicks diabetes! Not because of the illness, because of how they feel they must say "Im so sorry". What the hell are you so sorry about? He is here, he is alive and he lives his life just like every other 12 year old. Well kinda anyway, besides the finger pricks, the infusion sets, the highs and lows, the crappy A1C's the carb counting, oh my, that sure is a lot for a 12 year old to handle. My son is amazing, as Is everyone else who has this dreaded "D". To be able to do what he does and hardly ever complain about it.

Ok thats it for now, I think I've opened up a huge can of worms for myself.....vent, vent, vent

Venting is good - and yes, necessary at times. There are many parents blogging.
Go to http://diabetesoc.blogspot.com/2006/11/parents-of-children-with-type-1.html

I hate when children have diabetes, I cannot imagine being three and having to deal with this awful disease and yes there are worse things, but when you feel like crap from a high all you can think about is yourself. Vent away as I cannot imagine being a parent to something that is so uncontrollable at times, oooo yes of course if you don’t eat or move things can be fine, well… even then…grrrrr, I feel your pain.

At least he’s still alive and well after 8 years. I too hope for a cure for all the types of diabetes in the future. No adult or child deserves to go through such crap. Especially kids.