Verio IQ - Detecting Control Solution

I’ve had my Verio IQ for years. But for the first time it came up with a test result and marked it as “Control Solution” Usually you can select it as being “Before” or “After” a meal. But this time it said “Control Solution.” In the manual it says that the Verio can automagically detect when it is testing a control solution. I never use my control solution but this time when I tested my blood it apparently mistook my blood for control solution. Upon testing again my blood is apparently back being blood so I guess I am ok. I was just surprised. Has anyone else had their Verio IQ tell them that their blood has been detected as being a control solution?

I’ve seen this happen with other meters occasionally. Just a random glitch I think… Never appeared to be an indication of any long term malfunction… The readings still appeared to be accurate, too, just for some reason we’re categorized as control solution-- and I think that means that the individual reading wouldn’t be counted in the averages or uploads me data, etc

I have three different Verio meters and my Verio IQ displayed this message once to me a few months back. I called LifeScan customer care and they said to check its accuracy with, ironically, control solution which I did and it gave me a correct control solution reading. The agent I was speaking to suggested that it may have been a contamination on the strip passed from my hand as I pulled it out of the container that triggered the meter to interpret my blood as control solution. I never had a problem with it again. They offered to replace my meter which I declined but sent me a small count of free strips. Edit to add: I have since taken this meter with me to the blood lab and it was spot-on with their BG reading machine.