VerioIQ connecting with a Mac

How can I upload results from my OneTouch VerioIQ to a mac computer? OneTouch says I can't

You cannot! The only glucose meter capable of working with a mac is the Bayer Contour USB.
I dropped One Touch when I switched to a ma earlier this year.

You might find someone who has written software, I tried, and nothing worked.

If you can get the Diasend software, you can upload the Verio to a Mac. It's wonderful!

if you have a medtronic pump you can upload it to the medtronic carelink and everything works with a usb thumb drive. I use it with my mac all the time and it works seamlessly.
Although they warned me that it might not work,

I upload my pump and my meter for good measure, but my pump has all the meter info loaded anyway because my meter beams it to my pump every time.