Verio IQ meter

Hello, all -

Has anyone used the new OneTouch Verio IQ glucose meter? I'm thinking about possibly switching meters (currently use Contour USB), and wanted to get some feedback from other users. I'm especially interested in how easily/how well it can be connected to a computer and what types of information/analysis the software does.


Hi TiaAJ,
the display is easy to use. It's also pretty sleek looking which isn't a deciding factor but is a nice touch. In terms of the analysis software, I have yet to plug it into my computer. This being said the software on the actual meter does do a nice job alerting you to high and low patterns at certain times of the day. I hope this helps and will post again when I have more info about its computer connectivity. Oh and I should mention that the OneTouch Delica Lancing device that comes with it is by far the best I have ever used.


Thanks for the feedback! I decided to pick up a Verio meter this morning and try it out. If I like it better than my Contour USB, I'll ask my doctor to switch my test strip prescription next time I see him.