I finally went to a clinic to see what is causing my dizzy spells- the doc thinks it's benign vertigo and called in an rx for meclizine. I took one pill but I feel worse now, maybe because I was out shopping and doing things, it gets worse when I move around and bend down especially but the dizziness also seems to come and go. It seems to improve when I'm lying down/sleeping, not moving, reading on the computer etc. although when I went for a walk in the rain last night I felt better afterwards.

Has anyone vertigo and did the meds help? How long did it last? If it doesn't clear up in a few days, he said I will need to do testing. Did meclizine affect your bg at all if you took it? I just read you're not supposed to take this if you have asthma, I have mild asthma so I'm wondering if it is ok for me.

I have to start teaching tomorrow and he said not to drive so I will have to get someone to drive me. I'm worried about getting through the first day. He said this is caused by a virus in the inner ear in most cases.