Very Clever Type 1 Teen

This was written by a 15 year old type 1 diabetic. Read the lines from the top, and it gives her feelings after diagnosis. Then read the lines from bottom to top, and you see her optimism many months later. Very clever!!!

How do we find this young woman >: > Richard? Brilliant and poignant...

I've seen something similar to this done by medical students as part of a project:

That is really cool! (for other idiots like me, its a palindrome of sentences, not words)

Can we invite her to join us here on TuD?

Hi Dave, the young girl's mother posted this on Facebook. The girl is not part of that parents group...just the mom.

Thanks, Jen. That one is very very clever, too!!

Stuart, this young woman is the type 1 daughter of a lady in a parents group, on Facebook. The daughter is not a group member there. The group is for parents of type 1 children.

Thanks so sharing this! I love it!