Victoza Instant Savings Card

Well, I was looking through my Victoza info again before my endo appointment today. He gave me something which includes an Victoza Instant Savings Card worth $25 off each Victoza prescription for my first 6 prescriptions. On of my biggest problems with moving to Victoza is the increased expense. This will certainly help. Apparently, you activate the carb at It is certainly worth it, who doesn't want to save $150.

Has anyone used this program? Any problems?

Yea I’ve used the card and ended up not paying any thing for the victozo,well worth it

I applied for a patient assistance program through and get my Victoza for FREE!!!

That is great. My insurance will only cover half the cost, so BAM there goes another $65 out of my pocket for a 20 day supply at 1.8 mg/day. Sorry for yelling. I’d rather yell “FREE!”

I just filled my first Victoza prescription and was pleasantly surprised to find out that my pharmacy has a special deal with the makers of Victoza, providing an automatic $25 discount off the copay for the first 6 months. Once that discount has been exhausted I can then start using my Victoza Instant Savings Card for another 6 months of discount. They said a number of large pharmacies have this program going, so it’s worth checking around for the best deal. My insurance covers Victoza but it’s in the highest tier and would cost me $80/mo without the discount. Maybe by the time my discounts have been exhausted, Victoza will have been placed in a lower tier… this is my hope.

I’m using it and with no (?) problems. The pharmacy (currently CVS) discounts it and then gets reimbursed.

The question mark is because I did not retrieve my card with the first prescription, then it was lost at the pharmacy. However, if I remember to tell them when renewing my prescription it is no problem.

Translation, the problem is with my memory?

So I found out a little more about the program. There are a whole group of pharmacies that are part of a eVoucherRx program with NovoNordisk for Victoza. These pharmacies (about 4,000 of them) like Giant and Rite Aid give you the discount when you just walk up. You can also use the Instant Savings Card at any pharmacy. But it is the same program, you cannot double up on the program.

When I investigated how to use this with my insurance (Aetna) it turns out to be basically useless. Victoza is a speciality pharmacy item, and it can only be filled by the Aetna mail order specialty pharmacy, except for the first dose. So I can go to my local pharmacy for the first month, But. That is a big but. I have to call Aetna, disconnect the automatic payment of my co-pay from the Flexible Spending Account (FSA), then order the prescription, then call back and have the FSA reconnected, and in the end, I only save $25, cause Aetna Specialty Pharmacy won’t accept the discount anyway.

Did I mention my love for Aetna?

I need it now. My insurance company, BCBS, has decided not to pay for the V after I have been on it for 4 months. I was told that I will now have to try Byetta first and fail at it before they will pay for the V. Bummer…

I have never used Victoza Instant Savings Card but used other international pharmacy to save on my prescriptions. In my opinion, instead of opting patient assistance program, I would suggest opting International pharmacies. They may be helpful on savings. Currently I am taking Janumet 50mg/500mg and you don’t believe that it is almost 80% cheaper at than any local pharmacies in US.

I hope it can helpful for someone!