Victoza three monthly checkup

Yesterday I went for my three monthly checkup last time my blood sugars were 8.4 and I had put on weight in fact the diabetec doctor tore a strip or two off me and increased the daily dosage of victoza from 0.6 to 1.2 three months laterand the doctor was pleased with my blood results,kidneys stable blood sugars were down to 7.5 but again I had put on weight and he could not understand that neither could I he gave me advice on loosing weight which I really must buckle down to the task.
The acid causing my gout is higher so he has doubled my gout medication I asked about the crams and tightening in my legs of muscles which make it very hard to sleep and he said there is other medication besides quinine and I should go back to my own doctor for that over the past year i have been jumping for joy with my progress and other times really down in the dumps getting on top of the roller coaster is so hard.
Next checkup in three months time so best foot forward and let’s go fot it