Victoza to Bydureon

My insurance will no longer cover Victoza, so after January 2014 I will start Bydureon. I've had good BG levels and overcome the extreme nausea, so I'm apprehensive about stopping Victoza. I'll take Bydureon once a week and will save $100/month. Unfortunately, it's not a pen,the needle is HUGE, and the process of mixing the meds seems confusing.

Has anyone here used Bydureon? I'm concerned about the effectiveness as well as side effects. I'd appreciate your thoughts.


I have a friend who had the same thing happen. His Doctor made a case for him to stay on the Victoza and the insurance company is covering it. His control was not as good on the Bydureon and the mixing he called "a bad science experiment." I would ask your doctor to write an appeal to see if they will back down and cover the Victoza.