Victoza update

thought I would add this in over here as well…many in the DOC were asking on an update…

for those who have been asking…2 weeks, 2 days using victoza (GLP-1 analogue), once daily shot…FDA approved for type 2’s but I’m using off label as a type 1…

little bit of nausea to work through, tiredness…head-achy at times…going into the 3rd week will start using the highest dose …takes 2-4 weeks to push through minor side effects…does make me feel fuller, takes constant tummy grumbles away…between getting back to eating well, exercise have lost about 10lbs in 2 weeks

basal rate tad down, using a set carb per meal w/combo bolus, lowered insulin use by approx 25% or so…and working with a good doctor is helping me with my pump settings which made a difference in numbers as well …

on my meter average
90 days 213
60 days 210
30 days 175
14 days 157
7 days 149

Getting there =) …back in the game!

That is great news. Improved insulin sensitivity, better blood sugar control and 10lbs in two weeks. Sure, some of it may be you just feel energized to get on top of things, but it really sounds like Byetta helps. I’m really happy for you. There is more research going on, hopefully this does help T1s broadly and then FDA should approve it’s use for T1s. Until then, insurance companies are going to balk at paying for it.