Vigilance or Luck, or Biology?

@JamesIgoe I’ve had a total of three shots. I am a nurse too, btw , and have regular but not super frequent exposure (well, I’m always masked at work) to people with Covid. I got my only booster in December of 2021, and have tested my antibodies twice. The last time I tested them was in July, and they are still high. Not that I know for sure that that’s the correlate of immunity in play here, but I tend to think it’s significant (esp when we’re told to boost in order to boost … antibodies).


For me, I think it is all of the above. My husband and I call us COVID virgins! Both older, bit have conditions (husband survivor of cancer and me with type 1 diabetes). But both vaccinated and double boosted! We are all in on hand washing and keeping distance. I am still wearing a mask anytime I go inside anywhere. My husband not so much but does in close quarters. I wear my mask everyday at work, all day and lunch outside inside of in the break room. Just can’t risk anything with my coworkers. They are dropping like flies! And they are just not thinking things through. One of my department coworkers had a very sick husband at home and he never tested and of course she spent the week in the break room and working with everyone without a mask. Policy is suppose to be if in close contact with someone who is sick, you should be in a mask. So because I can’t trust the many people around me everyday, I wear a mask, I keep my distance, I wash my hands all the time, I use wipes to clean my work area and have sanitizer with me at all times.
Do I think my body is the savior? Maybe. I mean yeah, it destroyed my beta cells but otherwise, I am very healthy and don’t get sick very often. So maybe the hyper immune system that did the bad deed, is now working overdrive and keeping this virus at bay!
I can only control what I can do, not what everyone else is doing. And yes, some people just drive me crazy, but I just don’t worry about it anymore.
My husband are back into the theater & symphony again this year and thankfully they are all outside. I just eat before we go and I wear a mask. Movies are my other big thing. Love going to the movies but that has been put on hold. Maybe I can start with matinees and weeks after it comes out, so there is not as many people around. And of course mask and no food ( money saver!)
Hope everyone who is still Covid free and stay that way. I am hoping to stay that way but the way people are getting and than a couple months later get it again, it might get harder for us!