Visit to Doctor

The other day I asked my Doctor if he could write out and Enhanced Primary Care Plan for me, as suggested by my Diabetes Educator. He said that the nurse does that so I had to make another appointment to see her and that’s on Wednesday 27th February.

He also upped my anti-depressants, Efexor XR 75mg to 150mg. He said I shouldn’t get any side-effects as I’ve already been taking the 75mg ones.
Started taking the 150mg yesterday. Yesterday felt fine just really really hungry. Today I’ve been feeling really tired and yucky and I’ve been getting hypos all day, so not sure what’s what, or if anything has to do with anything, might just be coming down with something. Oh well, just have to wait a few weeks and see what happens.

I really wish I could find a good doctor! I don’t like this guy I’m seeing now. He’s in the same clinic that my doctor of over 30 years was in before he retired and I really miss him! Dr. Bock was the best! He would spend time with you and explain everything so you understood and mst importantly HE CARED! This guy can’t wait to get you out of his office, I have never seen him smile and you can really tell he hates his job!

Oh well, I guess I just have to bide my time and keep my ears open until I find someone I click with. I’m lucky that at least for now I have a wonderful endocrinologist looking after me for my diabetes.