Visit to Optometrist

Yesterday, Tuesday 20th February, I went for my yearly eye checkup (about 6 months late).

Before my last visit I occasionally got blurry vision but for several months now the blurriness has been constant and gets worse if I sit at the computer for a little while, read or even watch TV and I find it a lot harder to drive at night. I currently only use reading glasses but when the blurriness occurs not even the glasses help.

Anyway, at the last visit the Optometrist told me I had very early signs of Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration and to go back in 6 months so he could check again but I let a bit too much time go past.
So because of these problems he’s given me a referral to go and see an Ophthalmologist, Dr Michelle Gajus. My appointment is on the 14th of March.

My sugars are not perfect but they are much more under control now than what they were 1 year ago so I don’t know why it seems my eyesight is getting worse. Guess I have to wait till my appointment with the Ophthalmologist to see what she says.

I bet this is a scary time. Keep us posted. Prayers.

Thank you so much Barbara!