Another visit with one of the Docs

Mostly good news today. Doc said my sugar is being pretty well controlled right now and I must be eating right (What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her). My cholesterol is very good, diabetes is good but still going to run some more tests.I did get lectured on my choice of shoes. :wink: I also found out today that my asthma isn’t doing so well ( I already knew that) so they are increasing my dosage of Theophyline. It always makes me wonder when they look at you and say things like, “Now if you get heart palpitations stop taking it immediately and call me and if they are very bad, go directly to the emergency room.” Uhm, OK!

Still no answer about my vision though. Nobody seems to be able or willing to explain why I can’t see very well with my left eye anymore. oi vey!

Do you see an ophthamologist? Rather a specialist in eyes … rather than a gp? It’s been very helpful to me, because this guy knows exactly what a healthy eye looks like and one that is being damaged by diabetes or some other thing. Might be worth considering. I don’t think they ever told docs how to make small talk without sounding a little vague.

Once a shrink told me that a new medication could cause a “life threatening rash” (…?..) Of course, he was out the door before I had a chance to inquire how a rash could be life-threatening…

I have no insurance and very little income so I’m on a program offered through the UCLA. In this program they sent me to an opthamologist but they limit what they can do. All he told me is I have Glaucoma in both eyes but it’s not bad because my pressure is still ok. Well, symptoms of Glaucoma first show up as loss of peripheral vision and mine is still good. This is only in one eye and it’s like a cloudiness or a film over the eye.

I was wearing a new pair of Marc Ecko boots don’t are the same as the Skeecher shoes. There is no arch but it has a steel bar that runs through the center. These and my Skeecher’s are the most comfortable shoes I own but I don’t think they have much support. They are so comfortable though.