Vote for TuDiabetes TODAY on the 1st Annual Dosie Awards!

Please help us get to the second round of the 2010 Dose of Digital Dosie awards!

Vote for TuDiabetes in the Best Patient Community – Non-Brand Sponsored (Communities created with no direct affiliation to a pharma or healthcare company) category.

Just click on the big image above or CLICK HERE and cast your vote. It will take MAYBE 2 minutes of your time. On the voting page, find us (TuDiabetes) and another community of your choosing (you need to pick two) and click on the button to submit.

Thanks for your support!

Done! No one is more deserving than TuD.

Wow! A lot of choices but I chose the Best…Tud.

Done! with conviction… =)

I put in my vote!

Thanks for the support!!!

Done and go TuD team!

Done for TuD and of course - hee! hee!

TuDiabetes I have my vote on you please go on

Me too

I voted!

I’m in. Send us another note when Round 2 starts. Tu is the best, but there’s lots of competition out there!

Fair Winds,

i vote