Wait time for training

Guys, I have a question. I am supposed to be doing training with omnipod to set it up. I just got the system yesterday. How long did it take yall to start training when yall got the pump?

Dunno, but good luck with it and welcome to pumping! I bet you are excited!

Thank you! I am. I am tired of doing 5+ shots a day. Its alot to keep up with your insulin when it’s not on you. Alot of times I would go to school and have to call home for football games to get insulin so I could take it that night but it wasn’t really a problem beings that the band left after the football team.

Yes, it is super convenient to have the insulin with you at all times. Keeping up with pens can be a pain.

Hmmm, it was so long ago, I can’t remember. I don’t think it was long, although it seemed like forever. Maybe a week or two. I think it will vary based upon your doctor/sales rep.

Exactly and on days were i have band/JROTC/beta club/book club/science bowls,etc and I have to wake up at like 5:45 and still make sure I have everything I need for those activities plus my insulin, meter, alchol pads, etc is a pain in the butt. My bag I keep my meter in, the zipper broke so now it opens freely and sometimes the pads come out and I am constantly checking to make sure they are still there and not in my backpack or purse.

I hope it’s pretty quick. The supplies are in my medicine cabinet and I keep looking at them and I want to use them. I feel like it’s Christmas but this time you know what you are getting.

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Hi Amber,
You sound super busy but while you’re waiting for training you should be able to download the OmniPod manual and read through it. I was on the OmniPod a few years back and thought it was one of the easiest pumps to learn. There’s also videos out there and some FB groups for OmniPod where they share tips and tricks. Bring all your questions to your training session and you should be off and running quickly.
Best of luck and congratulations on becoming a pumper!


You can reset the PDM back to it’s new state (except for BG and insulin dosing records which are kept in the history).

So it is very helpful to run through the PDM setup yourself a few times before training and get familiar with everything in there. When you are done, you can hit the reset and do it again.

Pack it all the night before. :wink: Rushing out the door and forgetting parts of your pancreas sucks.

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That’s exactly how I felt when I got my first pump!

Thank you!

I got the box about a week ago and I’m no longer interested in looking. Now I feel like it’s after Christmas.


is the reset button in settings?

I’ll have to try to pack it at night. Normally when daddy calls bedtime then I go to bed so I won’t be in trouble.

From the Home screen:
Settings >> System setup >> Diagnostics >> Reset PDM

If you reset, then you are back to brand new (except for any BG and Bolus history). You can run through the setup as many times as you like.

Have you not had training yet? If not, you really should go through setup a few times to get comfortable with it.