If Only

12.3 not good news no biscuits of cakes today do try but it is very difficult na impossible to keep on an even keel, over the past 90 days my average has been 8.2 need ot get it below 7 before I see the diabetec doctor on the 16th of June pleased he will not be young Jedi, lack of exercise is my main problem mind is willing and I often take long walks in it but actually going out and walking is easier said than done I get very light headed even standing up from a seated position.

I hoovered the living room this morning and had to sit down for half an hour since my major heart attach in 2004 life has been like that a willing mind but feeble body, when I see others bombing about like there is no tomorrow I think back before my 60 a day fag induced life how I use to dash from one place to another, no excuses I did the damage to myself but if only I could go back in time how things would be different wishful thinking coming up to my 63rd birthday.

Not moaning which makes a change for me just envious of folks with a healthy life spare a thought for me next vtime you see someone rushing as if ther life depended on it.

The good news I read, you gave up smoking !!! ( fag???) …( English my second language !!)
I " wish " there is a program available in Britain as there is in Canada, called Team Diabetes …actually some Team D. members did the London Marathon this spring …I participate as walker …my dear Brother living with type 2 , 75 years young, ha, ha , walking with a cane, will do Ottawa , Canada , May 30 : 5 KM …maybe you can put one foot in front of the other , but you need to check this out with your GP first ???
PS I am on your side !!

We take our health for granted until it’s gone. i feel like an old person at 58.