Need to vent

Had a Dr. appt. today bad news my sugar levels are high ,and my blood pressure is a little high too . I know that its my fault but its time for me to take better care of myself . I am a type 2 diabetic and I have been doing things that are causing my levels to go high ( eating sweets thats bad I know?) so the weather is getting better and I am gonna start exercising ( I like to walk ) and eating better wish me luck I need it, I don’t want to inject so I have to do this !!! Say some prayers for me guys , Thanks for listening !!!

Connie, Come to my site, “Weight Loss, Daily Journal” theres 8 of us so far. We all are supporting eachother with our BG and weight. It is a good way to help with weight loss, writing down all u eat each day… No one will judge u, we r all in the same boat…Hugs, Damomma

Don’t beat yourself up about your BS levels. Diabetes is a lifestyle that we are all learning. You are going to have good days and bad days. Sometimes the body want to work with you and then against you. Are testing at the proper times and taking your meds properly before testing? I know it is hard. I will be the first to admit I don’t keep with everything either.

Try to find foods that are low in sugar to eat when you have those sugar cravings. I had tried EXTEND bars and the glucerna bars and they keep my appetite down and BS levels in check. I love the sugar free pudding. I had taking meds and injectables too. Why not go for a walk eat day after work with a mp3 player. Where I live there is a park with a several lakes that people walk around. Walking 30 mins a days can raise your heart rate and do just a good as going to the gym. If you want to do something more vigorous I would encourage this too but slowly.

If you need somebody to talk or encouragement just send an email.

Connie, you haven’t said anything that I think all of us haven’t felt at one point. My number one suggestion for anyone trying to take a first step toward anything is: Crystal Light. I love, Love, LOVE sweets and I always keep Crystal Light in my house. Whenever I get the urge to eat something I drink a big cold glass of that and then wait 10 minutes. If I’m still hungry, bored, anxious whatever then I’ll go and either eat something or go for a walk. Seriously, for me, it helps with that sweet craving and it’s mostly water so it ends up putting something in my tummy so I’m less likely to eat. It’s such a small thing but it can make a huge difference. I’ve been diabetic for 8 years and I only recently began taking care of myself and I still have days where I like to pretend that I’m completely normal. The trick is, after you’ve had a day like that, don’t beat yourself up over it. Just wake up the next day and say: I’m going to do the best I can. And if it only lasts 10 minutes, hey, it was your best. Wake up the next day and try it again. Over time you’ll see and feel a difference. Just keep your chin up, we have all been there and will still be here no matter how bad your day is! I’m keeping you in my thoughts!!!

I feel your pain and frustration. I am also letting this get the better of me. Good luck…and I will say a prayer for you…if you do the same for me!