Was going to use my sensor for a week 2 but

I’m so darn impress with the sensor! I haven’t itched yet like I did with the dexcom 7 sensors (plus it doesn’t hurt either :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’m having an MRI tomorrow :frowning: (I hate those machines where I panic)…so i have to stop sensor and when I’m done to lit a new one in :-(…

So I hit stop sensor and an I turn the unit off so I don’t waste battery?? Just want to check before I leave in the morning for my appt

I had to take mine off for my recent MRI! It was only two days old, too. :(

Dang it -- wish I had known that going in. I would have pulled of the old one on the wednesday (or simply stayed with it, but I change mine weekly because I have good coverage from insurance), waited a day or two, had the MRI, then put on the new one.

They may make you take it completely off...


When I had to have a CT scan, I hit the stop sensor, remove the sensor, but I do not turn off the unit. I removed the sensor and left everything at home - just plug the unit in while you are gone to recharge, then it's totally ready to go when you can start a new sensor when you get back home.

They are making me take it off for safety measures just in case :-(…I brought with me a new one for when I get back to my boyfriends house just in case…my coverage is horrible…so I want to use as much time on it as a can but not for tomorrow :-(…it’s going to be a pain I the butt to order new ones…I know to stop sensor but wondering if I should turn it off as i will be a couple of hours out before I can put on a new one :-(…I don’t know how long a neck spine MRI will take as I don’t know how many images they need and whether the will use gandolium (sp) aka with contrast

No, don't turn off the receiver. Dexcom tells you not to. I'm not sure, but it's apparently a pain in the butt to turn it back on. You don't have to worry about wasting battery power because remember, it's rechargeable. Mine lasts several days, and I only let it get down to 50%.

And you can use your next sensor a little longer to make up for the lost time on this one -- they're definitely accurate for longer than 7 days. Good luck with the MRI!

These receivers fully charged last so many days, that I would not worry about shutting them down.

Just stop sensor.

I have very good insurance that covers my sensors fully, but I use them at least for two weeks.

First reason is convenience. I don't have to insert a new sensor.
Second reason, I find my sensor more accurate during the second week.
Third reason, even if I have full insurance, there is no reason to waste.

I agree with you on all, Isaac -- #3 in particular is why I use a single syringe for all my injections for up to four or five weeks (basically until the numbers wear off!). However, the sensors have expiration dates that are fairly strict, as I understand it. The sensor has a live enzyme embedded in the wire that does the work, and those wear out if not used within their end date time. So that I don't build up too many of them then, I try to stay on the one week schedule (with a few exceptions, just so I have a few backup units as I go along).


It is amazing how we think alike Michael.

They send me 3 months sensor in each shipment.

A couple of years ago, once I received a shipment with 4 months expiration on it.

Since then, Every time I call Edge park to order, I insist that the sensor must have close to six months expiration (that is the limit of Dexcom).

They make a note on my order, and to my surprise, it works.

I have been getting very close to six month expiration on every shipment.