Best smartwatch for tslim Control-IQ?

Hi everyone - I finally got a t-slim after 5 years of waiting and started on Control-IQ yesterday (yay! :tada:). I’d like to get a smartwatch so that I don’t have to keep looking at the pump or my phone to get my readings, especially when running or going on long bike rides.

I’d love to get recommendations from anyone currently using a smartwatch with tslim Control IQ - which smartwatch are you using and why, and what app(s) are you using (Dexcom only, t-connect only, both etc) to monitor yourself? (I’ve seen some folks mention that they use Sony or Garmin watches. I’m mainly looking for Android compatible but if Apple is the best way to go may consider that too)

Also, this may be a dumb question, but I’d love a watch that works with tslim WITHOUT having to carry my cell phone too - is that even possible? (I had an old Android watch a few years ago that would simply stop working if it wasn’t within 1 foot of my Samsung phone and it drove me nuts :grimacing:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Dexcom publishes a list of compatible watches for the G6 whether it be Android or Apple.

I use a android phone not on dexcom’s list, so use xDrip instead.
With xDrip, I can use a fitbit watch to see my bg and trend, using Glance for watchface.

I also use Tandem X2 and T:Connect app on android, and between that and xDrip get quick visibility to all key data.

This is how ionic with glance+xDrip looks

You’re ahead of your time because there is no Apple Dexcom direct-to-Watch capability yet. It has been on the horizon for several years but we’re still waiting. So you still need to have your phone nearby. The Tandem t:connect app does not yet have an Apple Watch app and I have heard nothing that it will happen anytime soon.

I have an Apple Watch 2 and at best my Dexcom numbers shows up 50% of the time. Some people use Sugarmate which allows you to see your Dexcom number through the Apple Calendar app. That refreshes more often than the Dexcom app and I have better success seeing my numbers that way. Unfortunately the numbers are quite small and it requires the middle spot on my watch and I’d prefer another app there.

In general I really like my Apple Watch but am frequently disappointed that the G6 app doesn’t work better. My watch is several years old but I am waiting to buy a new watch after the Dexcom direct-to-Watch is released so I will for sure have a compatible watch.

Here is similar post with suggestions.

Mentions this…

If you’re not aware, xDrip is an unofficial app for dexcom and other cgm, from the user community, not any company,

@MM1 Awesome, the info on xDrip and BlueJay is super helpful - thanks so much! I’m wasn’t familiar with xDrip at all so I’m very excited to read more about it - Thanks again!

@El_Ver - Great, I was not aware of the Dexcom list, thank you kindly!

@Laddie - Thanks much for the info on Apple and the heads up on waiting for the Dexcom direct-to-watch :slight_smile: I had just assumed this was already on the market lol so this is good to know!

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I used to use a Pebble (RIP, company is no more) but just got a cheap Fossil Sport watch on sale. Very happy with it so far. You need to have a phone to connect the Dexcom to the watch - there isn’t anything that connects directly with the transmitter… yet :slight_smile:

@Allison1 Ooooh that Fossil watch is super cute! :slight_smile: Thank you for the recommendation!

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There are some ways to get this if you check link in my previous post, involves using xDrip.

Yes, but not everyone is tech savvy enough to do this, nor does everyone want to.