Water water

I had blood work done today, I get all of the results on Monday. I’m not really freaking out any more about it. I’ve calmed down a lot and gone into “It isn’t gonna go away any time soon, so buckle down and do what you have to” mode. It really isn’t as hard as I thought. My blood sugar went down to 148 today, that’s the lowest it’s been since I was diagnosed. Makes me feel accomplished.

Thank you to everyone who’s welcomed me to TuDiabetes. Everyone and everything on the site has really be helping me. Just being able to read about others’ experiences has helped me out muchly. Thanks to all!



I am glad you are getting your numbers down, Great JOB! Diabetes is a day by day thing…lol sometimes your a little high, little low or in between. I hope all of your labs come back good. Glad your apart of the community.