Waterproof case for Dexcom G4?

Hi all :) I'll be getting the Dexcom G4 hopefully next week. Does anybody know about a waterproof case? and where to get it? Thanks!!!



I also just got waterproof cases from amazon they are perfect

Thanks! I have one that's too big...so I was looking for one that's smaller just to fit the G4...which one do you recommend???
M :)

I just ruined my G4 while on vacation (which I immediately replaced when I got home). Wish I had a case with me! I can’t tell which case to order from all the choices on the given site. Can anyone give a specific selection? I will never go near water again without a case or simply without the G4. Thanks Marga for asking the question.

So sorry about the CGM :( I know...there're a lot of choices that seemed good in amazon but I don't know which one would be the one that's best not to let water in...

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I use one of these, SealLine See Case (small) which is an almost perfect fit, and sometimes one of these, Topeak Smartphone Dry Bag for 4-5inch screen phones depending on what I'm doing.

The Topeak bag comes with a bike attachment, which is why I got it in the first place and now my Dexcom rides front and center on my handlebars, but it also has a clip on the back so can versatilely attach to most anything flattish (wasitband, pocket, bag strap, etc) and enough room that I can throw in my ID and some cash and be set for a lot of things. It has a ziplock-style top closure, which then rolls over and secures with velcro. I've been told the Dex signal isn't strong enough to travel through water so I haven't taken it underwater into the pool, but I confidently leave it on the edge of the pool while swimming laps and haven't had even a hint of a problem.

The SealLine case has the standard dry-bag roll top closure, and is cheap enough I got a couple and I keep them scattered around... one in the pile of boating gear, another in the 'tropical vacation' pile of stuff, and I think one in my car just because thats where it ended up. Because the top rolls and secures with a buckle, I can stick it around a strap and when we go kayaking I buckle it around the shoulder of my life jacket. Its close enough I can hear it, protected from just about anything stupid I might do, and so easy to reach I actually think to look at it every now and then.

There's also any number of generic "waterproof" cases, but some of the cheaper ones are only mildly sturdier-feeling than a Ziplock bag, and most of them are pretty big for what is needed, or come with an annoying headphone jack.

Just a word of advice.....It doesn't take much fluid to kill the G4 and it is costly to replace.

Thanks :)

Sea to Summit TPU Waterproof Guide case worked like a dream!

I put my receiver inside, pinned it to the inside of my rash guard, and went snorkeling/swimming/beaching for a week in Honduras and had ZERO problems! Its not easy to open, but thats a good thing, and it has a "ziplock" seal, as well as a roll-top with velcro and I found it worked fabulously. It was impervious to water, sand, seaweed, rain, fog and tidepools, and I will happily use it for all my future water fun!

The only caveat I could find was not in the case itself, but the radio waves (or whatever) the transmitter sends don't go but a few inches underwater, so if I wanted real-time readings and alerts while snorkeling I had to generally put the receiver (in the case) DIRECTLY over the transmitter which wasn't very flattering (lop-sided rectangle pinned under a rashguard= very visible and funny looking) but there are way worse things to deal with on vacation (sunburns, sand fleas, questionably cooked food) and I don't generally care a whit about how it looks.

To that end though, while I could indeed very clearly hear the alerts and alarms with my head under water and wave noises all around, I was more excited about having the receiver with me even without readings as the alternative is to leave it either on the beach (which I won't do if I don't have someone to sit with it) or in the hotel room, which I also don't like because it means I spend that much more time without readings and a glucometer although generally very portable I find to be even less beach-friendly than the the CGM receiver.


This is extremely helpful!!!! Thanks so much :)