Cases for dexcom g4

Anyone have advice about a good case for the g4?

Depends on the purpose, perhaps... People like the cases from There is also a nice case from miabetic. I happen to like the case that the G4 comes with, as I wear it on a belt, but I think it will wear out soon.
The other thing I do - the G4 receiver is the same size as a Blackberry Pearl. I use a case that I have from that phone from time to time. Works nicely.

Cody, I have a purple tallygear case and I love it. The clip is tights on the waist of my pants so the unit doesn't fall off. I've clipped it on the strap of my purse too and it stays attached. The leather one that comes with the G4 is nice, but I'm always losing my G4 unit and I don't want to do that. So far so good with tallygear.

What i am looking is one i can clip to the waist band on my pants. I work at a gas station and I am always hitting my pump on stuff, so I need something to protect it and I am afraid it will fall off as well so I need something that will keep it tightly clipped to my pants.

camo tallygear.I replaced the carabiner with a small ring to the lanyard.
I keep it in my pocket, the lanyard helps me find it.I also have their neoprene one..Its survived a year,dropped many times

I went to the local mall and bought a cell phone case after trying the fit of several. I has a magnetic clasp and fits compactly. I also added a small 1/4" thick piece of foam that came in the original packaging I got with the G4 trimmed to fit. I have since bought a second when the first got raggedy around the belt loops. It has a clip and two loops so it fits on my belt nicely opposite my cellphone. I can hear it clearly when I need to and it is so easy to remove and check that I do it automatically now.