"sports case" for Dexcom G4

I wanted to share that I have found a third-party product to use as a "sports case" for Dexcom G4.

It is made by amphipod.

It is part of a series "Smart View". The micro size fits the G4 well. The beltpod version is the one that can be used with a belt (does not have a clip/clamp). There is also the version with a clip.


I had my G4 receiver in this case strapped to the front of my bike for a very wet, 3+ hour bike ride on Sunday. Worked great to keep the receiver dry and viewable during the ride.

The amphipod logo is a bit large (covering more of the viewing area than ideal) but I still think it works well. The logo is sewn in place. To remove the logo would leave exposed holes in the viewing area. I don't have a way to take a picture today of my G4 receiver in the case.

I am able to access all functions of the G4 while it is in the case. I only have to remove it from the case to recharge or download data.

Now if only they would make one that isn't black, eh? :)

Thanks! Yes, please post a photo sometime if you are able.

THANKS Susannah, I got one right away!!!!! Jo

I use a Topeak Drybag 4" for sports. Water and shock proof!
Here it is:

Very nice! Looks like it fits perfectly. We have a DryCase that works to keep it dry, but is way oversized.

It does! I also use it when I work in dusty or humid environments like the garden. It comes with an easy to install bike mount too.