We all know it's Thanksgiving

So, how do you handle the meal or meals if you get to share your day with two families in different locations? I am having diner here at home with my dh and ds. But in years past we have had to do dinner at my parents, and my inlaws. That was horrible…two big dinners, and no way to say “no thank you” without offending family big time. So how to you plan a “D” safe dinner, and make the “folks” semi-pleased too. What sorts of thing are on your dinner table that are good for you? We are having lots of vegies, turkey and I am skipping or having very little of everything else. Hold the wine, and have the pumpkin without the pastry…I figure I’ll max out at 50 - 60 mg’s…but have saved many from lunch and breakfast.

What are you doing?

I’m not having 2 dinners but I’m going to one at 3PM. So I ate breakfast and lunch really early but I’m worried about tonight. (Although I’ll probably be high after eating the pie.) You could skip the carbs at the first dinner, and eat more normally at the 2nd.

I am the one who does the cooking so I made what I can eat and did had a few extras for the rest of the family. They know I am diabetic and did not raise a fuss when it came to the pies, potatos, and anyother carbs. I smoked a turkey on the bbq grill with charcoal and hickory chips and also grilled some asparagus. My meal consisted of smoked turkey, a garden salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing, and grilled asparagus. It was quite filling and tasted good too.