We Found out Yesterday What Our Neat Grandbaby Will Be!

I gotta brag and I know this is off topic but you know grandma’s! Amber found out yesterday she was going to have another girl! ( What I wanted secretly but it would have been nice to see a boy after 3 generations on my side of girls)! Sorry fokes just had to brag alittle and if anybody has read my blog or talked to me or even if I invited you to our site at sometime I know I had to brag at 1 point about my now almost 14 month old granddaughter, now I’m going to have another to brag about!!! Get ready for that plus me braging about my daughter too in this pragnecy!!! WARNING!!! She is also a Type 1 and so far so good having really great BS’s and control. Her 1st great and VERY stubborn! Now we’ll wait for the 2nd and see if she’s that stubborn too!

Congratulation ! I hope all goes well .

It is nice to hear GOOD news for a change.I hope all goes well with her pregnancy.I am a type 1 and had 2 pregnancies and my sons are both healthy.Don’t worry if it’s good news it’s okay to brag.

Does this mean that my youngest daughter will blame me for her personality as she get older? I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with her. I knew while I was carrying her she was going to be stubborn. When they induced me and she went up into my rib cage for 36 hours, until they diid a C-section. I told everyone that she would want everything her way. She has not made a liar out of me yet. She still, at 11 has an attitude and will not give an inch.

I wish your daughter the best of luck with the new addition to the family.