"weak sign" and "lost sensor" using Paradigm 722 with the minilink

Hi to all!!!

My name is Dora and I´m new to the group. I´m writting from Brazil and English is not my first language. Therefore, I apologize for my writting mistakes.

I have a son who is almos 12 years old. He has been using the insuline pump by Medtronic called Paradigm 722 with the continuous glucose metering system.

In December we had a lot of problems with "weak signs" and "lost sensor" alarms. Whenever it happens, after the pump is able to "catch" the sign, the sensor starts again.

We have tried changing the sensors, the sensor aplicating area, transmiters and even the pump. Medtronic helped us with all of this, but even with the new pump the problem was not solved. Ah, I forgot to say that we turned off all our eletronic devices in the house and it didn´t help either .... After a while, however, out of nothing, everything started going well again.

Now the problem started again (it´s been about three weeks). We have already tried different sensors, a new transmiter, new areas of sensor application, a day without eletronics and the problem did not go away. We asked for help and Medtronic was not able to find a solution. We just can´t figure out what is going on. Does anyone know what is happening? How we can solve the problem?

I´m going crazzy because my son really ned continuous monitoring ....

I´m looking forward to hearing from you.