Where Guys Put the Pump

Hi all. I am about a month into using my Animas One Touch Ping, and I do like it. I am still definitely getting used to it, but I hope it gets easier as time goes on.

My question though, is right now I am just sticking it in my pocket. This is kind of uncomfortable, and I have been searching for objects that may help.I dont really want to wear it on my belt like a cell phone because I am 21 and I just dont really want to have to wear something on my belt like that--it just seems very unfashionably to me (sorry if this sounds shallow, I am not meaning it to). But anyway I saw the "Leg Thing" and other such products, but I am not sure how good this stuff is. Does anyone have any suggestions as to anywhere else I could put the pump or any other products on the market? thank you very much!

I use my pocket 90% of the time. If I’m at work, business casual, I use a leather wrap-around case. It’s noticeable, but the best one I could find. I love the summer because I can wear cargo shorts and have the extra pockets for my pump, phone, etc. I’ve never used the leg thing and need mine accessible.

I haven’t used those products but for ideas you might want to search the animas group discussions (under case or holder). I found several that talked about this or try searching this site for leg thing or other products to see if it’s been discussed before.

I also use my front pockets most of the time. I tend to wear relaxed-fit jeans, or jeans a size or two bigger, which gives it a little bit more breathing room. I avoid inserting the pump in the area of the thigh under the pocket so the pump doesn’t brush up against it. I also don’t put anything else in the pocket (except maybe glucose tablets) because keys and things will just get jammed up against your leg.

I use the MM, so I can’t give specific suggestions on holders for you. I’ve tried MM’s thigh strap and I don’t like it. Since the thigh is thicker up top, it would always slide down to the knee unless I put it so tight that it cut off circulation. I use the waist pouch for running, but I don’t see that as a great alternative for everyday use unless you wear baggy shirts.

Animas has a slim belt clip, very sleek. My niece wears her pump clipped to the side of her underpants (jeans go over that and pump completely invisible). Since you have Animas, you can use the remote to bolus and you will not have to remove the pump from its hiding place. If you do not wear tight fitting shirts, there are many waist-it type products you can buy. One is called a spi-belt and used by runners, will lie flat. Pumpwear has a waist band which is spandex and holds the pump flat. Pump can be worn in the small of your back in either of these devices if shirt is tight.