Qustion on CGM and hot yoga

hi, i don’t usually post but i was wondering if anyone has tried wearing dexcom in a bikram yoga class (105 degrees, 40% humidity for 90 minutes) there are strict rules about respect - no phone, pagers or anything of the like and i’m afraid that the combination of heat and sweat is just going to set the cgm off every couple of minutes. with such an intense workout i would feel better wearing it - if it stayed accurate under these conditions. just looking for any insite into how it will behave. thanks.

i spelled insight incorrectly. add brainfreeze to my issues.

I have not participated in bikram yoga but I have raced bicycles and competed in triathlons in the hot (90+) and humid (80%) summers in Memphis, TN. I have the Dexcom 7 CGM that was worn in these events. I had no problems with using it in hot, sweaty conditions. I will say that the adhesive surrounding the sensor on your body begins to wear a lot faster than if you did not sweat. I have also worn in soccer games when I am running and sweating and it has been ok. I do recall after wearing it for more days than Dexcom recommended when playing in the soccer game that it did come off but that was after the adhesive had worn out around the sensor. Don’t want to lose the sensor!!