Over here in London the weather will get as hot as 29°C,so just wanted some advice on the best way to still get around and live with diabetes in such hot conditions because its not like we get it much but when we do its over the
Any advice

Hi Osob! I have been in Manila since October last year…and temperature rises tremendously, not to mention that the heat index can go us high as plus 10 and humidity of 70%. Today we have a temperature of 37.5 or almost 100F. How do we get around? Wear light (in terms of color and weight) clothing, always bring bottled water to drink, when you have to go outside for long periods of time…you can bring a damp towel to cool your face and neck (water sprays can also be helpful). Wearing a hat when under the sun is also very helpful. Wear sunblock when outside on extended period of time. If you are on insulin…keep it in a cool place.
When I’m out and about I usually test my bg a bit more often… I can easily mistake dizziness and blurring of the eyes from the heat from having a low bg or high bg. Keep glucose tabs (or whatever you prefer) on hand.
If I don’t have to go out…I stay indoors and thank the air-conditioner god! LOL
Hope this helps.

29 degC = 84 deg F? That’s pretty mild, so you really don’t need to do anything special. Just don’t sit your insulin in direct sunlight, but otherwise everything diabetic should be fine. The only time I had an issue with my insulin going bad from the heat was when I was on vacation @ the beach last year and the temps were around 95-98 deg. F (what’s that, 35, 36 deg. C?) during the day. I tried keeping my pump in a Frio but with relative humidity levels at around 70%, the Frio just doesn’t do its thing very well.

I spend quite a bit of time outside during the summer months, and have no real problem. We’re alreaady in the low- to mid-90’s and I haven’t had any issues when out all day.