Website Coders or programers?

Are there any here interested in possible collaboration on a project regarding making a site like

But making it free to diabetics instead of pay to play?

I am already in process on something similar. I have the charting, glucose, food, meds, and exercise part down. What I don’t have is the food data. I would love to get that but do not have a web service available (yet) that I can pull from. I also have a team system with login using Facebook so people can build a support team of friends and share their data in view-only mode.

Let me know if you are interested in teaming up. I am on hold until July due to vacation and other scheduling stuff…


Jax I have access to web hosting we need someone to look @ the active X program to figure out how it pulls the data down into the web form Thanks feel free to send me a PM maybe we can discuss it on the phone

Why Active X? That just precludes me from using it since I am on a Mac and have no access to IE. How about writing something that work with web standards?

I’m interested in teaming up. I’ve already found some food data on the web, although not necessarily the type you want.

Any website coders want to help me set up a website for joining a BOINC team interested in diabetes research? I’ve found a BOINC project running short of money to keep all of their researchers employed, and now willing to add a new research direction if some individual or group donates the most of the money needed to keep one researcher employed for the next year. Obviously, the research direction I’d pick is diabetes.

I’ve already found that actually participating in that BOINC project is not necessary (although those of you with high-end NVIDIA cards may be interested), but so far they haven’t given me any word of whether you at least have to join a group before you contributions that agree with the research direction wanted by that group count toward the highest contribution if you don’t donate enough separately.


As for software, I’ve already found a free program I’m now using:

Health Diabetes Software

Any of you want to contact the author of that program and volunteer to add a few new features?