Open Source Software and Diabetes

I am a programmer and I have to make some applications for my portfolio. I want to a diabetes related application. Examples: something that will remind me of my medications, snacks; an application to carry the carbohydrate intake of foods i commonly have when dining out; etc. I need suggestions. I want to write it as open source so when it is finished it will be free! Also I would also like to write a web-based application. is a social network and free but most web-based diabetes application I have found require to pay a fee. Any suggestions?

Something similar to the Calorie King that many of us have to count carbs. I have it on my pocket pc, of course I had to pay for it. But I would love to have something similar on my desktop for free. Something for members of TuDiabetes. I just checked their website and the pc version is 45 bucks to download, and 49 bucks to buy in a box. I can’t afford either right now. Besides, I’m thinking it would really have to offer some cool stuff for that price. The version on my pocket pc was 14.95 and has the same carb counter that’s in the book.

I use a FreeStyle Lite - when I got that, they gave me the FreeStyle Promise card for discounts on strips, and the Abbott Co-Pilot software for free.

My insurance covered my data cable - it pulls the readings off the meter and then I can enter in my diet.

There are several sites online where you can record your BG levels and you can track them there. I am sorry but I can’t quite remember any of the URLs but I am sure somebody here will.

Why not an expanded site like that where you can include more information, such as carbs, exercise, etc? But, I think the most beneficial thing would be to have an application on your desktop/notebook that can be used to both upload and download results to and from the website and have the website and the desktop/notebook sync with each other. After all, there are many times when you cannot access the Internet and you need to look at your results … visiting with your doctor or nurse for example.

I would recommend you look at making it work with Open Social, so that we can all add it to our profiles here, once you have developed it and submitted it to Ning for approval.

Here are more details:

I would love love love to have a web app carb counter/log that could accept email input and therefore work with cell phone input services like jott and dial2do. Ideally, I could call in my food amounts, and then receive an audio response or text message back with the amount, food, and grams of carb and fiber. I could then call in my bolus and it would be timestamped.

I have been obsessing over how to make and carelink work with dial2do since I started using it a few months ago- sorry if I come off as a little intense on this subject. Also, I do graphic/web design and would be glad to donate work to making something like this happen.

Something for the web would be nice also something that would also function on a PDA / IPhone /Mobile device. Since I was diagnosed in July I cant tell you how many people are trying to convince me to get a mobile device and the latest most popular argument was look at all the apps you can buy to track your stuff…But I love open source soooooo much more. I am a network guy and a gadget guy too buy lately all the gadgets I have been acquiring are dia pak deluxe and daymate and the frio for the pens I would love to add some computer gadgets even a google gadget would be helpful.