Wedding Day - Diabetes Plan

I'm excited to say that while diabetes will have it's own special place on my wedding day (15 days!) - Pump Pocket in my dress, spare meters strategically placed, glucose tabs and candies stashed everywhere (maid of honor) - It will not be a focus of the day.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Has anyone done this before?

Is your maid of honor intimately familiar with your diabetes? Id give her a small bottle of soda instead of the tabs, or better yet a tube of the icing whether specifically for diabetes or your basic cake icing.

It will NOT interfere with your day on any level, adrenaline will see to that! However if it does try and bite you in the butt, you want your maid to play whack a mole with your sugars to make certain it won't surface twice… IMHO

Your future partner knows the drill too yes?

You have a back up bag with tubing, an extra vial, infusion sets, a syringe, so forth yes? More likely the problems will be on that end and technical if anything versus lows sneaking up and ambushing you. It will be an incredible FUN day, not a diabetes fun one.

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