Weekday vs weekend basal settings

Are your basal settings the same during the week and weekend? This question kinda leads to the second question: Do you wake up the same time on the weekend that you do on the weekday? I do not, and it has been throwing my BS numbers way off. I usually wake up ok, but a belated dawn phenomenon seems to catch up with me and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to correct the high. It seems like it would just be easier in the long run to get out of bed the same time I do during the week, so my body can stay on its regular clock.
Idea’s or suggestions?

Hi Chris,
I’ve got several different basal rates in my pump, but most of them correspond to my exercise schedule-- If I am exercising for over a half hour, then I have one setting for those days , no exercise, another basal for those days-- and when I exercise hard-core, I usually only need about 50% of my basal for 5-6 hours post-exercise. I’ve also got a “sick-day” basal which is higher. I would say to definitely have multiple basals programmed into your pump if you have significant changes from week to week-end. It is definitely a puzzle sometimes especially if you have a fast-paced schedule or tend to change things up a lot. Not sure if this helps…


I just set one up today, as i was waking up in the low fifties and high forties all weekend. I’mma try it out, and see what happens. I sleep twice as long on the weekend as i do on the week days… summer is going to be challenging.

I’ve had to set different basal rates for the different shifts i work and another for days off!! I just change to the basal rate before bed to take into account when i’m likely to getup the next morning. Having to get up at the same time sort of defeats the fact that the pump should allow you to cope better with changes to your routine.

The pump allows a great deal of flexibility: I have three different basal rates,m one for weekdays, one for wekends, and one for sick times. I also change my basal rates, as elizabetta does, pre-and post exercise to avoid lows…It is a kind of like:You are your own science project, and takes a bit of tweaking… You will have to readjust basal rates from time to time… I had to readjust mine recently, as I was waking in the 40’s( maybe due to more moving around after the harsh winter we had which unfolded into a glorious outside -a-lot Spring?) . Anyway, avail yourself of the pumps many functions. Pumping Insulin by John Walsh is a good choice of a Book to read to figure out how to start in small steps. Hope this helps…

God BLess,

Thanks for the replies. Guess I just need to fiddle around with it a bit more. I had my first successful “exercise” basal adjustment yesterday. Not really hardcore but it was triumphant none the less. I take the train to work when it rains, and walk briskly for about 2 miles from the station to my apartment. Normally, if Im 120, or even 170 my BG drops to 60 or less like a rock when I get home. Yesterday I did a -40% for 2.5 hours, one hour before the long walk and went from 135 to 99 and hung out at 99-113 for the next few hours, had dinner and everything was great. Hopefully I can replicate this from now on!